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Rachel is More Than a Friend, She is A timeless Fashion Icon



By Jenni Sellan

We remember the jingle; we remember the romance; and thanks to Netflix, there is a strong possibility that our girl crush just might go on forever.
Rachel Green; from the moment she burst on to our television screens escaping her very own ‘white-wedding, complete with a more than generously sized ‘90’s’ veil and the quintessential jewelled head piece, she instantly became our favourite friend and undisputed style icon.

From friend on screen to a serious friend of fashion, Rachel began her style journey as the queen of urban chic; her off duty style was without question her forte not only for setting the dress code in the 90’s and early millennial years, but it seems she had an uncanny ability to forecast fashion’s future; We might have given her early 90’s style an updated modern edge, but the trends we now embrace have been firmly established, as Rachel went (stylishly) before us; printed tees, denim overalls, peek –a-boo crops and knee high boots; sound familiar?

What about sneakers with just about everything? And how could we possibly go past the denim shirts and vests? Higher today than ever before on fashions’ radar, Rachel Green predicted the power of our denim blues some 20 years ago! A true fashion oracle with her fashion game clearly ahead of the curve.

From Coffee Shops to Fashion’s corporate playground, like her pay check Rachel’s dress code went up a notch or three and just as its evolution continued beyond off duty casual cool, her choices continued to make for a style we wanted to steal and continue to borrow.

With no less than some 700+ outfits worn throughout the series, over its 20 year tenure, selecting just 10 favourites seemed like the impossible task but these chosen few prove that simplicity and timeless style wins every time, transcending all seasons and trends:

What would street style be today without the option of mixing high street pieces with luxe appeal; Take your style cue from Rachel and add some polish to your everyday.

Borrowing from the boyfriend has become second nature; shirts and all; It’s an off duty dressing requirement. even if your boyfriends name is Ross!

Animal Prints have become the new neutral; add DVF into the mix and timeless style is your end game.

We’ve been selling the Dungaree / overall trend for a few seasons now. Love it or hate it, fashion continues to place it on the style map and Rachel Green marks the spot!

Because everyone needs the perfect white Tee.

Even in green Rachel nails the classic silhouettes and so can you.

Denim Skirts, splits and a graphic print; So now. So then. This is fashion forward.

Before Carrie Bradshaw there was Rachel Green; Who doesn’t love an unexpected pop of colour to bring life to monochrome? 

Texture and print play. So. On. Point.

And finally, the ankle boot and anklet sock; a trend that we try…and try but do we dare?

Rachel Green. Effortlessly chic with timeless appeal; there for you then and there for you now. Be Inspired.

Mom, seriously



Are we even related?

Sometimes I wonder about my mom. She seems to have no concept of fashion or what I do. When her friends ask about me, she says I’m off ‘finding myself in the city’. When I come home on the holidays, she’s always insisting I do something else with my life.

“Sweety, when are you going to get a job?” She’ll ask with a concerned look.

I always reply with the same comment, “Mom, I have a job.”

“I know, I know… modeling, right? I mean, when are you going to get a real job, or at least a husband that can take care of you?

I try not to get annoyed with her because she means well. She just has no concept that modeling is a career, and that I indeed have a job. Thankfully, dad helped with the initial contract signing – otherwise, I probably would have needed to wait until I was 18 to do anything in my career.

It is sometimes frustrating to even speak with her; talking about work is completely useless. One time, when I told her about a shoot I landed with a photographer I have been after for nearly two years, she had this dumbfounded look on her face.

“I don’t understand, sweety; couldn’t you just schedule to take pictures with him?”

It’s hard not to smile at someone so clueless.

But, in a way, I kind of like the fact that my mom knows nothing about the modeling industry. It makes home a sort of safe zone; some place I always know I can go, and let my hair down. When I’m home, I’m not just another model; I’m the most important girl in the world – her daughter.

But I am guilty of at least trying to catch her up to speed. One time, just for fun, I put my fashion know-how to the test. Anxious to do anything to get out of the house, I took her to the local mall to update her wardrobe. It went from fun mother-daughter time to a stressful wardrobe consultation.

There I was handing her outfits through a dressing room door while my mother insisted there was no way she looked good in anything I handed her. We finally agreed on an outfit, something predictably similar to everything else she owns and left before I started to lose my patience.

It’s moments like these that completely verify my suspicion that I got my fashion sense from my father. At least she cooks well.

Brand Perception, What You Think About Them Matters



By Margretta Sowah

Perception is a funny thing. Have you heard the saying, ‘good from far but far from good’? It usually refers to a person who appears amazing from a distance but the closer you become, the less attractive they are. With Fashion Week stitching itself up after another deliciously sewnful season, I can’t help but question the context of affluence in fashion.

In times of economic strife (this being one of them) society subconsciously gazes to fashion for soci-pyschological direction. In a way, this industry is able to tell us what is hot and what is très moche (so hideous). It is no surprise the fluctuation of brand power is one of great debate. In the world of glitter and gambles, does having an accessible brand mean tacky, or has luxury taken on a whole new meaning – attainable?

Affluence vs. Accessible

Moschino, a luxury Italian fashion brand, has been on the market since the early 80s. If you have never heard to Moschino, you’ve probably heard of Jeremy Scott. I’m going to go out on a limb and call him a remixed John Galliano – in terms of his creative reservoir. Scott is an exceptional designer, being hailed by Faces magazine at number thirty-one (higher than Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen) on their Most Important People in Fashion issue. One of Jeremy’s iconic collaboration was with Adidas. To put it into a Fashion perspective, Adidas would be the Louis Vuitton of the Active Sportswear market; a powerhouse in the industry but also symbiotically tied to a specific subculture.

According to an article by BusinessInsider.au, “brands that become too accessible are less appealing to super rich buyers. Louis Vuitton, for instance, is considered a ‘brand for secretaries’ by many wealthy Chinese.” With multiple monogram copies, the LV bubble has been flooded by cheap knockoffs to the point of social recession. After further research into the customer perception of LV, most Australians agreed with the above statement, with it being over-worn and under-sold for years. It’s understandable to question whether Louis Vuitton still retains its extravagant seat in the table of opulence.

There is no backpedaling for a brand of this nature. Product-wise their collections are incredible. In the area of perception it would seem Vuitton does not hold the same feelings most would have towards CHANEL, even though there are as much knockoffs of Coco’s signature 2.55 bag as there are of Louis Vuitton’s Speedy bag. Has Louis Vuitton’s unintentional commercialism caused their brand to now be seen as accessible instead of affluent?

Vuitton is the other half of the huge multinational conglomerate LVMH (Moët Hennessy.Louis Vuitton) and houses brands such as Christian Dior, Pucci, Fendi, Givenchy and Kenzo. I don’t see anything accessible about bags, clothes and accessories worth thousands of dollars. Do you? This is where perception comes into play. If a brand aligns themselves with personal and positive benefits along with emotional meaning, it would be very hard pressed to change public opinion, even if the trends show other signs (this goes for people as well).

What’s the secret?

Victoria’s got a secret. You know what it is, don’t you? You don’t? Her secret is that she has no secret – it is a marketing form of ‘Chinese whispers’. It starts with the truth and ends up becoming a subjective; a bit of bull***t, half a line of your favorite song and a quarter of people-stopped-caring-ten-ears-ago. When discussing brand perception, there is one company that sings with heavenly angels to get our attention – Victoria’s Secret. This brand is very successful at tugging heartstrings and drawstrings. A friend of mine who works for VS was quick to affirm the brand’s leverage in most segments of the market; whether fast, mid or luxury.

This leverage also has negative connotations with public opinion. While one half of VS lovers are avid fans of the lifestyle and the products, there are others that have a lot to say to Vicky about the body conscious and unrealistic fantasies of the human body – I’m not saying there are not plenty of women who look like Doutzen Kroes or Maria Borges (I do sometimes fantasize about being Naomi C though), but us women have enough issues surrounding positive body image and the notion of healthy vs. thin or thicker vs. fat. There is no doubt VS promotes a fitness culture but the ads are for lingerie. A double standard? Yes, but they are laughing all the way to the bank… maybe that’s the real secret.

The way majority of us perceive VS is a testament to excellent brand strategies, tapping into the lifestyle of Victoria by using celebrated models in a sort of sorority system approach. Girls apply to become a Victoria Secret Angel; if approved they receive a contract and off they go modeling, jetsetting to some of the most breathtaking places in the world – all documented for customers to get ‘behind the scene access’. We all know though, it’s the star-studding runway show we tune in for. In the hierarchy of luxury brand, VS is considered a luxury store. Their products are mid-priced and well designed (it’s no La Perla), enough to pique social and superficial intrigue, but the main reason most buy (from young to old) is because of the VS Angels themselves – Adriana, Alessandra, Miranda, Candice, Chanel, Karlie and, once upon a time, Tyra.

When a brand is over exposed to the market it’s easy to assume they are no longer precious or special. I believe there is a new perception on luxury; one where having a strong brand culture with tailor-made products allows consumers to be a part of the journey – because they get it. There is logic to business that we can’t deny, or be snobbish about – this culture is saying, ‘I want to be heard! I am making money and appealing to my audience. This is a new form of extravagance.’

Luxury, no matter how you and I spin it, has to do with a feeling. It is rarely judged solely on tactile operations. Putting it back into perspective – what we perceive, we believe.



You Or The Agent? Who Really Has Control?



By Anonymous

I have no control over my life.

I’ve been modeling for over 10 years now. When I started I was head strong and have always played the game very safe. 

I am professional on set, I stay in shape, I am not wreckless with my money, this is my career and I am aware of it. I have to work a lot harder as I get older, but I also have the experience behind me which puts me ahead.

However two years into my work I realize that no matter how sensible I was with my career, I actually had no control of it in the end. 

As a model It’s the only industry where you can have everything it takes, but in order to get there you have to submit yourself to someone else in order to make your dreams happen. Your agent. 

I’ve heard some horror stories about greedy agents, some who are bitter and vindictive, others who take advantage of girls finances and some who offer heavily unhealthy advice. That’s an issue, yes, but it’s not entirely what I mean by submitting your control. 

They have the ability to make or break your dreams – and there really isn’t much you are able to do about it.

The Healthy Harlequin


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