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How I Got A Start In Modelling – By Kath Ebbs



By Kathleen Ebbs – www.callmekath.com

For me modelling never seemed like something that I would end up doing, I still don’t really recognize the fact that I do. I am short and do not own a pair of legs 11.

I do remember growing up as a little poser though, I would always want to be in front of the camera showing off to anyone that was around. The house I grew up in had a long hall way leading up to the main living space, I remember watching “americas next top model’ and then pretending it was a run way and when no one was around would walk like “the girls did on the show”. I also loved the stage as I was a dancer and enjoyed drama. My siblings and I use to put on concerts for anyone that was around, making up short plays and dance routines.

Getting into my teenage years I had very low confidence, it didn’t seem it to the people around me but I was constantly comparing myself to others on everything! I always thought I wasn’t thin, pretty or cool enough (I think this is something most teenagers go through). I was always in the what they would call ‘trendy’ crowd but felt as though I was constantly proving myself or trying really hard. Fast forward to around the end of year 11 Yasmin who is the founder of ‘Culture Machine’ found me on instagram and took it upon herself to message me in regards to possibly signing with her agency. I was really confused at first and to be honest thought it was a spam message lol!. A little while on I got signed with culture machine and was being managed from bali. The start of my journey was a funny one.. I hated it! I also thought I had to make up from what I lacked in height by being super thin which wasn’t good.

I remember when I got my first paid job…I also remember leaving the shoot that day telling myself that I never want to model again ahaha! I was cold and uncomfortable the whole time, I hated every minute of it! I felt like an outsider, still in that mentality of trying to fit in or be something i’m not. So that day I decided Instead of torturing myself I wasn’t going to care about it and that if I got something random that was a bonus. I was heavily into health and fitness at that time so I drew my focus there and planned my business for when school finished.

Couple of weeks after this time Yasmin invited me on a trip to Los Angeles with herself and “The Free Radical T.V crew”. I was sceptical at first as I had not yet met Yasmin in person as well as having no idea about the rest of the team. I knew I didn’t really want to model but I also needed to do something different with my life at the time. I had a little feeling this trip would help open up my eyes and get me out of my funk, so a few months later off I went..

In short this trip really changed my life. I was then stoked a few months after when the free radical crew moved down to my hometown Sydney. Having Yasmin by my side changed my views on being involved in the industry. She taught me there is nothing I can’t do and that anything is possible. I decided to be myself instead of what “I thought I had to be”. I was just going to stand by my own morals and see what came from that. This mental shift has gotten me to where I am today and I am so grateful.


I feel there is a lot that needs to be talked about not only in regards to the industry itself but also what it is portraying to the rest of the population, especially young girls! Like I mentioned before when I was in high school I had very low confidence. This came about as there seems to be this notion that you need a banging bod, banging hair and banging skin 100% of the time to even be looked at in society. We can all sit here and say “love yourself and what you got blala” but that is way easier said than done especially when there are so many mixed messages out there! I know this as I have been there, in and out of the modelling world. Both mentally just as brutal as one another. Not trying to point the finger, as it is no ones fault and I don’t think anyone is intentionally putting this message out there but at the same time I don’t think enough people stop and reflect on how much it hurts young peoples minds.

Of course a big part of my job is looking fit BUT I believe fit means… well fit! Eating a well balanced diet and exercising isn’t just important to models, but is important to everyone if you would like to be a thriving individual! Trying to fit into a certain ideal will only lead to heart ache. You need to learn to respect yourself first and understand health is just as mental than physical. I understand this is way harder said than done, you may be reading this thinking wow you must have so much confidence Kath..hell no! I am getting better at it but there are many days when I get down in the dumps and question the way I look too! It’s about re training the brain to not think like this and compare yourself to society. It takes time and I am still learning everyday too. This said, I have seen a massive shift in the modelling world. There are so many new girls that are helping shift this movement of ‘skinny’ to ‘strong’ and showing that you don’t need to fit the old fashioned ideals of beauty to be beautiful! Just the other week I stumbled across the likes of Steph Claire Smith and Lauren Hersward who are both young, very successful international models who have recently started their own blog called “Keep it cleaner”. I was so happy with to see two women who are at the very high end of the industry promoting health and a positive mindset so well. As they have huge followings the amount of young people they would be reaching out too is massive.

I think another important thing to do if you are modelling or wanting to pursue it as a career is to find other hobbies. This way you won’t over think not landing gigs and instead have something else to focus your mind on so you don’t panic when you’re not working. It can be mentally draining when one week you are really busy and then the next not at all. It also creates a safe zone as you never know when your time is up. Having something else up your sleeve will always leave you witha back up and surprisingly make you better at your job as you feel at ease, enjoying the process instead of wanting to “nail it” always. This is why outside of my work I am a personal trainer, I act and run my blog – www.callmekath.com.

I think there are good and bad things about working as a model but one thing I know for sure is to survive it you must be comfortable in your own skin and know who you are outside of the job. I love being in the position I am to hopefully inspire young girls to get confident and never let what society says stop them from chasing their dreams. This applies for whatever you are doing in life! People will say “you can’t”, “you won’t” and “it doesn’t” many times along the way. I mean look at me for example, writing an article on “being a model” when I was one of the shortest girls in my year at school… If I said to anyone before I was going to model they would of laughed at me, but hey here I am! Know who you are, what you want, be passionate, be kind and go for it!

Swap Your Stilettos For Sneakers



By Stylist Jenni Sellan

Swapping your stilettos for a little white sneaker? You’ve just caught my attention.

When comfort and versatility stylishly collide in the universe of fashion, women everywhere stand up and give it a resounding YES. And that’s exactly why ‘sneakers with ….everything’  (well almost) is this Summers favourite trend.

Best kept for off duty style, the perfect pair of sneakers will  accompany you effortlessly for an impromptu lunch with the girls, and save your soles from a crazy schedule that keeps you running between various social events.

A great alternative with your favourite summer dress or paired with this seasons cropped culotte or denims, and lets not forget everyones favourite, the midi skirt, a perfect pair of sneakers just makes complete sense… and..

It’s nothing less than chic xo

What You Need To Know When Working With Photographers – Feat Paul Lucia



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

What is it really like to work with models? In chatting with Paul Lucia, a San Francisco Bay Area photographer, one can learn some important insights when working with models from a photographer’s perspective. Paul Lucia shared the following information, which is great for models who are in the industry or looking to break in.  This seasoned model photographer’s tips clearly explain what to do and what to avoid.

First and foremost, never no-show to an appointment. While life happens, not showing up is a great way to burn a bridge. It is very important to have the cell phone of the photographer and that he/she has the model’s cell phone as well. This way the model will have no reason to not send a text if her/she is late.

Once booked for a shoot, models should research the location prior to be able to plan for any parking issues. If you are a half hour late, because of a parking situation, you inevitably delay the whole shoot. Paul Lucia also recommends showing up to the location with a clean hair and face, with moisturizer only. This means hair without any product in it (washed only) and no makeup from the night before. If it is a beach photo shoot, bring sunscreen and cover up; with other photo shoots it is important to wear nude underwear.

Other must-haves to bring on location are lip-gloss for touch-ups, power bars, water and aspirin. Another important item to note is if the model wants to bring an escort, any escorts need to be approved of and on the photo shoot attendance list ahead of time.

Paul Lucia Photography typically casts their models and finds their talent through workshops and casting calls. It is very important for the model to understand the elements involved and concept of the shoot. Models are selected based on the theme of the shoot and what the client has specified (height, weight, ethnicity etc.) Never feel embarrassed to ask questions; in fact, most photographers encourage this.

It is very critical to show up to the shoot awake and alert. This means a well-rested night’s sleep and not going out the night before. Avoid any foods or alcohol that will cause any puffiness or bloating in the morning. Last but not least, it is important to ask about what clothes to wear to the shoot if a designer is not providing them and also bring a couple of options with you.

This photographer also shares very important information when it comes to releases that every model should know. Yes, every model needs to sign a release before any photo shoot. There are two different types of releases- limited and full. A limited release allows the photographer to use the photos only for social media and business promotion. A full release will allow the photographer to use the photos for the previously mentioned uses and the photographer will be able to use photos for any media. By following the above tips and creating a great impression with a photographer, this will mean referrals for the model and even repeat work.


Not Just A Pretty Face



By Pavlina Hatzopoulos

A lot of the time, models are expected to be particularly submissive, always following someone else’s directions, and not their own. Models, generally, aren’t given very much power over their careers; it’s always in somebody else’s hands. So it’s refreshing to see some models using their influence as celebrities in fashion, to speak up about issues that not only affect them, but also global issues such as poverty and refugees. Here are some models with not only good looks, but also, a voice.

Karlie Kloss:

When this American supermodel isn’t walking for the likes of Dior and Victoria’s Secret, she’s busily working hard in the kitchen. ‘Karlie’s Kookies’ is a collaboration between Kloss and Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi. Karlie is passionate about nutrition, so her extremely healthy, dairy and gluten free cookies, are not only wholesome but also real tasty. What makes this project extra special is that, for every cookie sold, FEED Project donates ten school lunches to impoverished kids all over the globe.

Ollie Henderson:

Aussie babe, Ollie Henderson, certainly started a riot at Australian Fashion Week in April. In between walking for top Aussie designers, Ollie found time to paint black and white tees with positive slogans. She handed them out during the course of fashion week, and everywhere you looked, there was a model wearing a ‘Start the Riot’ tee. Written on her t-shirts were protests such as, “Love Equality” and “Release the Refugees,” highlighting pressing, global issues. Ollie says “fashion is a great way to show people how we feel,” and it’s awesome to see important political statements crossing over into the fashion world.

Christy Turlington:

Original supermodel, Christy Turlington, has used her celebrity status to raise awareness about women’s health issues in both first and third world countries. Her organisation, Every Mother Counts, grew from the debut of her documentary, ‘No Woman No Cry,’ which exposed the horrible health conditions faced by many women. Every Mother Counts donates 100% of its profits towards making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Christy and her team currently support programs in Haiti, Uganda, Malawi, Indonesia and the United States.

Alek Wek:

Sudanese beauty, Alek Wek, wasn’t always gracing the covers of Vogue and Elle and strutting for the likes of Chanel and Calvin Klein. Before she found fame as a model, Alek was forced to flee her war torn home in South Sudan. Alek has used her own experience as a refugee to help others in similar situations. As a member of the US Committee For Refugees’ Advisory Council, she tirelessly campaigns to raise awareness of the tragedies that occurred in South Sudan.

The world of modeling has truly joined forces with the world of hard-core charity work – perhaps the most important collaboration of the season.

Instagram: @pavlina__h


The Deal with Lexi Boling



Lexi Boling started modeling almost 4 years ago when her mom made her attend an open call at Ford Chicago. Coined as one of fashion’s favorite “bad girls”, Chicago native Lexi Boling insists she’s just a normal girl who misses just hanging out with friends, doing absolutely nothing. It’s part her edgy looks, bookings for rockstar brands like Alexander Wang, & admitted outspokenness that have surely resulted in Lexi’s bad girl reputation. When asked by Vogue Italia online what her best quality was, Boling answered “not caring about people.”

Known for not being one to hold back, Boling got herself into a bit of social media drama, when her and fellow model and friend Binx Walton threw Instagram shade at Kendall Jenner recently. Team Jenner went a bit mad defending the reality star/model online, and Boling did eventually issue an apology, stating “I wasn’t thinking and made a silly comment. Kendall’s had a killer NYFW. A big congrats to her!”

When not poking fun at socialites, Boling has situated herself as a real force to be reckoned with amongst the fashion set. She has worked with heavy weights like Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Dior, Prada, and Vogue Italia, where she has graced the cover a remarkable 5x already. Lexi considers the photographer who shot and booked her for those covers, the legendary Steven Meisel, to be a major influence on her. She has said “Every time I am on set with him, I push myself and learn so much. He is such an important part of my career and an absolutely amazing person.”

Lexi Boling- opinionated and not afraid to share it? Definitely. Gorgeous, gazelle- like, and armed with some fashion industry staying power? Absolutely.


Brand Perception, What You Think About Them Matters



By Margretta Sowah

Perception is a funny thing. Have you heard the saying, ‘good from far but far from good’? It usually refers to a person who appears amazing from a distance but the closer you become, the less attractive they are. With Fashion Week stitching itself up after another deliciously sewnful season, I can’t help but question the context of affluence in fashion.

In times of economic strife (this being one of them) society subconsciously gazes to fashion for soci-pyschological direction. In a way, this industry is able to tell us what is hot and what is très moche (so hideous). It is no surprise the fluctuation of brand power is one of great debate. In the world of glitter and gambles, does having an accessible brand mean tacky, or has luxury taken on a whole new meaning – attainable?

Affluence vs. Accessible

Moschino, a luxury Italian fashion brand, has been on the market since the early 80s. If you have never heard to Moschino, you’ve probably heard of Jeremy Scott. I’m going to go out on a limb and call him a remixed John Galliano – in terms of his creative reservoir. Scott is an exceptional designer, being hailed by Faces magazine at number thirty-one (higher than Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen) on their Most Important People in Fashion issue. One of Jeremy’s iconic collaboration was with Adidas. To put it into a Fashion perspective, Adidas would be the Louis Vuitton of the Active Sportswear market; a powerhouse in the industry but also symbiotically tied to a specific subculture.

According to an article by BusinessInsider.au, “brands that become too accessible are less appealing to super rich buyers. Louis Vuitton, for instance, is considered a ‘brand for secretaries’ by many wealthy Chinese.” With multiple monogram copies, the LV bubble has been flooded by cheap knockoffs to the point of social recession. After further research into the customer perception of LV, most Australians agreed with the above statement, with it being over-worn and under-sold for years. It’s understandable to question whether Louis Vuitton still retains its extravagant seat in the table of opulence.

There is no backpedaling for a brand of this nature. Product-wise their collections are incredible. In the area of perception it would seem Vuitton does not hold the same feelings most would have towards CHANEL, even though there are as much knockoffs of Coco’s signature 2.55 bag as there are of Louis Vuitton’s Speedy bag. Has Louis Vuitton’s unintentional commercialism caused their brand to now be seen as accessible instead of affluent?

Vuitton is the other half of the huge multinational conglomerate LVMH (Moët Hennessy.Louis Vuitton) and houses brands such as Christian Dior, Pucci, Fendi, Givenchy and Kenzo. I don’t see anything accessible about bags, clothes and accessories worth thousands of dollars. Do you? This is where perception comes into play. If a brand aligns themselves with personal and positive benefits along with emotional meaning, it would be very hard pressed to change public opinion, even if the trends show other signs (this goes for people as well).

What’s the secret?

Victoria’s got a secret. You know what it is, don’t you? You don’t? Her secret is that she has no secret – it is a marketing form of ‘Chinese whispers’. It starts with the truth and ends up becoming a subjective; a bit of bull***t, half a line of your favorite song and a quarter of people-stopped-caring-ten-ears-ago. When discussing brand perception, there is one company that sings with heavenly angels to get our attention – Victoria’s Secret. This brand is very successful at tugging heartstrings and drawstrings. A friend of mine who works for VS was quick to affirm the brand’s leverage in most segments of the market; whether fast, mid or luxury.

This leverage also has negative connotations with public opinion. While one half of VS lovers are avid fans of the lifestyle and the products, there are others that have a lot to say to Vicky about the body conscious and unrealistic fantasies of the human body – I’m not saying there are not plenty of women who look like Doutzen Kroes or Maria Borges (I do sometimes fantasize about being Naomi C though), but us women have enough issues surrounding positive body image and the notion of healthy vs. thin or thicker vs. fat. There is no doubt VS promotes a fitness culture but the ads are for lingerie. A double standard? Yes, but they are laughing all the way to the bank… maybe that’s the real secret.

The way majority of us perceive VS is a testament to excellent brand strategies, tapping into the lifestyle of Victoria by using celebrated models in a sort of sorority system approach. Girls apply to become a Victoria Secret Angel; if approved they receive a contract and off they go modeling, jetsetting to some of the most breathtaking places in the world – all documented for customers to get ‘behind the scene access’. We all know though, it’s the star-studding runway show we tune in for. In the hierarchy of luxury brand, VS is considered a luxury store. Their products are mid-priced and well designed (it’s no La Perla), enough to pique social and superficial intrigue, but the main reason most buy (from young to old) is because of the VS Angels themselves – Adriana, Alessandra, Miranda, Candice, Chanel, Karlie and, once upon a time, Tyra.

When a brand is over exposed to the market it’s easy to assume they are no longer precious or special. I believe there is a new perception on luxury; one where having a strong brand culture with tailor-made products allows consumers to be a part of the journey – because they get it. There is logic to business that we can’t deny, or be snobbish about – this culture is saying, ‘I want to be heard! I am making money and appealing to my audience. This is a new form of extravagance.’

Luxury, no matter how you and I spin it, has to do with a feeling. It is rarely judged solely on tactile operations. Putting it back into perspective – what we perceive, we believe.



Healthy Snacks with Beauty Benefits



Ever wonder about the meaning behind “You are what you eat”? In a nutshell, it means eat good to feel good. Healthy snacking can play a big role in how you look and feel. As fall approaches, there are plenty of whole, natural foods to work into your diet and retain your summer glow!

Below are six “beauty bites” to help you look and feel great!

Chia seeds
This powerhouse superfood is full of protein and zinc which can help prevent and heal acne. Not to mention you can add these seeds to basically anything for an extra energy boost throughout the day! As an added bonus, they’re also shown to pack powerful hydration benefits.

Goji Berries
These berries are bursting with beta carotene, giving your skin the natural glow you’ve always wanted!

Cacao Nibs
This tasty treat does more than just satisfy your sweet tooth! Cacao nibs are packed with antioxidants that help nourish your skin. Chocolate lovers, rejoice!

Go NUTS! Seriously, grab a handful and watch your hair and skin shine!

Matcha Green Tea
Don’tcha want some Matcha?! This superfood is a powerful anti-inflammatory so you can kiss those puffy eyes goodbye!

Protect your skin with pistachios! This nut is packed with Vitamin E which is essential for a healthy skin. It protects against harmful UV rays, helps prevent skin diseases and makes skin healthy and more beautiful. Pass the pistachios, please!

To check out more healthy snack options, head over to Nuts.com!

How To Look After Your Skin In The Sun



By Simi A Mira

That time of year is quickly rolling around again, and the thought of sun-kissed, glowing skin can easily overtake the logical thoughts on how to look after your precious skin during the summer months. As much as we all need some sun and it’s nourishing vitamins, it can rapidly become harmful to our wellbeing if we expose ourselves to it without caution. On top of this, it ages you speedily which is something we all want to avoid!

Here is a list of five ways in which you can take care of skin whilst still reaping the benefits of the luscious summer months:

1. Sunscreen

You may be thinking this is obvious – and it is – but you’d be surprised as to how many people actually forget or don’t bother with sunscreen at all. Depending on your skin type, you will need to pick the right SPF for your needs. For example, if your skin turns red after ten minutes in the sun, as sunscreen of SPF10 would allow for a hundred minutes in the sun protected. Remember that sunscreen can also be oily, so washing off after a day in the sun is a must. After all, this article is all about taking care of our skin!

2. Headwear

Personally, I don’t need an excuse to wear my western straw hat or opt to adorn a floppy beach hat, but what better reason than to be protecting your precious skin.  The permanent shade above your head will prevent the sun from glaring on your face and causing irreversible ageing, as well as helping you look uber chic. More than just a fashion accessory, Summer hats are a must for the clued-up beach goer.

3. Fake Tan

If you’re dying to get bronzed in time to bare your skin, don’t hit the sunbeds – this has the same effects on your skin as prolonged tanning, and will only leave you looking leathery and aged in the long run. Instead, pick up a bottle of fake tan and give yourself a risk-free glow in the comfort of your own home. There are number of tanners out there, and depending on your skin tone and type, the right one is out there for you. If you’ve never fake tanned before and are a bit apprehensive, there are ‘gradual’ tanners available, that will slowly make your skin darker over the course of time you apply it. This gives you a fantastic level of control over your tan – something the sun doesn’t offer.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

it’s easy to let the sun and the laid back summer feels entice you into cocktails and cold beers, but it’s extremely important to stay properly hydrated with water. Both the sun and alcohol dehydrates and will leave you feeling worse than sluggish if you don’t take care. A lack of water during summer months can lead to break outs and dull skin – remember to keep up with your water intake and ensure your skin stays glowing all summer long.

5. Examine

Remember to keep a check on your skin during these months, especially. Moles changing shape, places that itch or bleed are all warning signs you should get checked out. Whilst a mole that moves isn’t always abnormal, it’s something to keep an eye on and consult your doctor about if it begins to become a cause for concern. Whilst this article is about taking care of your skin, regular skin checks also takes care of your overall health.

There is the Top 5 Ways to Look After Your Skin in The Sun. If you make sure you remember all of these, you’ll undoubtedly have glowing skin that will wow all year round – not just in summer.

To retouch or not to retouch?



By Kistopheer Frazer

As a fashion obsessed aficionado should know when you pick up a photo of anything fashion and beauty related you have to remind yourself that no one really looks that good. From Blake Lively on the cover of Vogue to Beyonce in that Covergirl ad, it is important to remember that these are women who are considerably beautiful, but before those photos were released to the masses they were lightened, retouched, cropped, edited, etc. before they were deemed acceptable. One of the biggest criticisms of the fashion industry is these unrealistic images it creates for beauty.

After all, how many women are 5’10’’ and size zero thin? Even for those lucky women who are, finally achieving that perfect hairdo and getting that Chanel foundation to be perfectly even doesn’t mean that there will be a team of editors on hand to Photoshop every photo of you to perfection. In a 2006 Dove Evolution commercial the extent to which models are Photoshopped became a hot topic.

In this commercial, the audience sees a young lady who looks like your standard girl next door; simple, but cute, and a girl that could definitely still catch a man’s eye. We quickly see how she is transformed by hair stylists and make-up artists into a glamorous bombshell, going from girl next door to a woman that was swoon worthy. While a quick trip to the salon and a strut over to the make-up counter at a fine department store could help those outside the supermodel elite achieve this look, what comes next is the reality of the unrealistic ideas of beauty that fashion sometimes creates.

The model’s neck is lengthened, her jaw line becomes more sculpted, her eyebrows are lowered, her lips are plumped, her shoulders trimmed down to be more slender, and she is given that perfect wind in your hair effect. The video ends with the message “No wonder our perception of real beauty is distorted” and then goes on to encourage viewers to take part in the Dove Real Beauty Workshops for Girls. The campaign went viral, and practically became the commercial heard around the world.

The commercial became a hit on YouTube, and also appeared on MySpace and Google Video. Dove tried another attack on Photoshopping in 2013 with another Real Beauty commercial that was a direct attack on the those responsible for retouching: graphic designers, photographers, and art directors. The Dove Thought Before Action commercial discusses how they released a Photoshop action called beautify, which took reverted images back to their original state and displayed a banner that read “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.”

Despite Dove’s efforts, their attempts to lure graphic design professionals to download the plug-in through Reddit failed to be successful, and those that fell for their trap were few and far between. The plug-in itself did not seem to prove very useful either, as it proved ineffective in reverting images with multiple layers (which most photos in ads and fashion magazines are) to their completely original state. The only change that was guaranteed to have been seen was the banner, but a banner of course lacked the same effect.

Dove has actually been criticized because many believe that they are just playing on the fact that they realize their average customer does not look like a supermodel sized woman. Many of the brands owned by Dove’s parent company, Unilever, are clearly still big fans of Photoshop (cue any Noxzema ad almost ever), and it doesn’t seem like they plan on scaling back the level of Photoshop for advertisements in any of their other brands anytime in the near future. While Dove should is admired by many for their commitment to real looking women for the moment being, at the end of the day Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman, may have had a point given the continued success of fashion, “Nobody wants to see a real person looking like a real person on the cover of Vogue.” Shulman was once quoted saying, and that might go for any fashion and beauty magazine, advertisement, or commercial except for Dove it seems.


Tumblr: fraserfashionable.tumblr.com

The Wardrobe Cleanse, Part 3: Organise



By Stylist Jenni Sellan

We have cleansed,  we have edited and we are one step closer to some retail therapy. That right there, is all the motivation we need.

A well organised wardrobe ultimately makes room for you to see exactly what you have, and as simple as it sounds, is the key to enabling you to pull outfits together quickly and with ease.
Its also a great way for you to identify gaps and address them quickly.

Tips to get you going:

1. Your clothes should either be folded or hanging; keep them in good shape by ensuring zips are done up, delicate pieces are either folded in drawers or hung on padded hangers and take Dijanna Mulhearn’s advice from wardrobe 101,  and button your shirts and jackets by doing up the middle, top and bottom button holes.

2. Similar to what we do in the editing process, create categories for your clothing within the wardrobe; jackets, dresses, shirts, pants, jeans etc. Once you have done this, organise each category by length, usually shortest to longest; and colour, lightest to darkest.

#styling tip. Create a “little black book” for your wardrobe. Every time you find yourself thinking “I wish I had a …to go with….” write it down. It will become a part of your shopping list and is a great ongoing tool to have in your wardrobe 

3. Select items that can be placed into drawers including underwear, t-shirts, knits, and accessories such as hats, scarves, belts and bags.

4. Keep your shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe; unless you have the divine gift of built in shoe storage! Shoe racks are a great idea and don’t forget to keep the dust bags; they are the perfect solution for travelling and for your special shoe loves, why not keep them in their dust bag for ongoing protection.

5. Place your jewellery into a box that has separate compartments and again categorise them; ear-rings, rings, broaches watches etc.

Obviously there are a number of ways that you can organise your wardrobe. This is a great method to start with and obviously it can be tweaked along the way for a system that works best for you.
If you have a strong sense of your own personal style, check out Elisha’s guide from Repeat Offender for a great, ‘out of the box’ thinking alternative.

There will be a way that works for you, so just make a start.
Your wardrobe is on the fast track to nothing less than chic xo
If you missed Part 1 & Part 2 definitely go have a read to get your wardrobe in order!